Frequently Asked Questions

What is a professional land surveyor?
A Professional Land Surveyor is a person who is qualified by education and experience, and who has passed an examination required by the state to practice land surveying in that state.
How do I select a good land surveyor?
A good land surveyor is licensed and insured in their state(s). To obtain a list of surveyors in Illinois, free of charge, contact the Illinois Professional Land Surveyors in Springfield, IL, 217-528-3053. You can also contact a reputable real estate attorney, banker, or title insurer in your area.
What does the surveyor need from me?
The more information you can provide your surveyor, the quicker they can complete the project. The surveyor needs:
  • The purpose of the survey
  • Copy of the property’s legal description from a reliable source
  • Location of any known property corners
  • Information about disagreements over corners and lines
  • Complete copy of a title policy which may document other restrictions applicable to the property
  • The date the work needs to be completed and for whom the survey is needed
What does a survey cost?
A Professional Land Surveyor’s fee depends on many factors including:
  • Type of survey, the size, shape, and accessibility of the property, the terrain, the vegetation, and time of year.
  • Records research, availability and credibility of previous property corner monuments in the area
  • Title company and/or local government requirements
  • Deed overlaps or gaps in property lines
TIP: If you have a previous survey of the property, give a copy to your land surveyor to save time and money on your project.
What can a surveyor do for me?
  • Advise the type of survey needed and even if it’s needed
  • Examine your deed and adjoining deeds for potential problems such as deed overlaps or gaps
  • Find, verify, and mark property corners and lines so they can be easily identified for future use
  • Locate buildings, fences, landscaping, and other improvements in relationship to property and easement lines
  • Prepare contour maps, subdivision plats and other plats of record
  • Appear in court as an expert witness
  • Advise and consult with your attorney, title insurance company, realtor, builder, engineer, or architect
  • Prepare flood certificates for property or structures on the property
What will I receive from the professional land surveyor?
Your surveyor will provide a legal description of the property suitable for use on your deed and a plat(s) showing all requested information.
What if I have a concern or complaint about a land surveyor’s work?
First, discuss your concerns with the surveyor and try to reach an agreement. If you are not able to resolve the issue to your satisfaction, please contact the Illinois Professional Land Surveyors Association (IPLSA). The IPLSA keeps vigilance over member surveyor’s actions through its Ethics and Practices Committee.
What is the Illinois Professional Land Surveyors Association?
The IPLSA is the only statewide organization of Professional Land Surveyors licensed to perform surveys in Illinois. The IPLSA is a voluntary, not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving the public interest, and to promoting and advancing the profession and quality of land surveying in Illinois.